8 pt. vs. 18 pt.

Today we got more type cabinet doors cleaned up and was able to put away more type. I made the mistake of putting away a set of 8 pt. type after I had just put away the 18 pt. I went from a 12 mm size letter to a 5 mm size letter and I … More 8 pt. vs. 18 pt.

Hamilton Type Cabinet

Lisa M. Payne Studio is now a full-time operation and to kick it off we worked on cleaning this wonderful old Hamilton type cabinet to get it ready to hold type again.  The bottom center is what the inside of the drawer looked like before cleaning – years and years of dirt and metal bits. … More Hamilton Type Cabinet

We are Printers!

I am proud to say that Lisa M. Payne Studio officially printed for the first time yesterday! Inserting the chase into the press Packing the press (where you will put each paper to be printed) Inking the press.  Where you put ink on the disc and move the rollers up and down over the disc … More We are Printers!