Believe in Love


Even the skeleton crew believes in love!

Live2Color – Chalk Style #2


These members of the crew favor a single line of dancing letters.

Live2Color – Chalk Style


The skeleton crew really likes this black and white look so we are experimenting!

Capture Life’s Moments


Um…the deer and I don’t know if it is going to get better than this.  Anyway, happy holidays and enjoy life’s moments, even if they are not the moment’s you planned on!

What Comes Next?


So many possibilities … what comes next?

Handcrafted With Love


The Skeleton Crew loves their work.


They’re back!


Just when you thought it was safe in the studio…the skeleton crew returns!

Multi-tasking can be Dangerous!


The other day in the studio, I thought I would do some quick heat embossing before leaving for the morning. I turned on the heat gun but then realized I did not have enough light in the early morning hours to see how the embossing was progressing. So, with the piece being embossed AND the heat gun still in hand, I tried to turn on the lamp by my work table – not easy to do with hands already full.  But, I managed to finally get the light on while still embossing so as not to waste time.  Happy that I had been able to accomplish this, I put everything away and prepared to head out the door. I looked down to grab my bag when I saw this pictured above.  I burned a hole right through the sweater I was wearing!  You can see the black embossing powder around the edges.  Luckily, I was not burned and the only casualty was the sweater.

Word to the wise – do NOT multi-task with a heat gun – EVER!