Expressive Florals – Notecard 4

This is the final exercise in the Intermediate Watercolor Techniques for card makers class.  These are called “dipped flowers” because you load a flat brush with one color and then dip the corner in a heavily pigmented color before laying it down on paper. Online Card Classes

Expressive florals – notecard 3a

This exercise was done with the wet on wet technique where you are adding layers of color without letting the paper dry in between.  While you can control certain elements of form, there is a lot you can’t control which makes it an adventure and different every time! Online Card Classes

Expressive Florals 2

A fun piece to do! This pattern looks good in any direction and can stand on its own as a fun pattern or be a background for some lettering. Online Card Classes

Rose Pattern Watercolor

In this piece I created a pattern in roses.  This is Arches hot press paper, Gansai Tambi watercolors and a size 4 brush. Online Card Classes, Watercolor: Intermediate Techniques