Wreath o’ Everything!


A wreath with something for everyone.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

More fun with Roses!


For this rosy practice session, I used a bigger brush and added some layers of color – either a deeper tone of the same color or something completely different.

Practicing Roses!


Back in the studio today and warming up with some roses! Looking forward to trying some variation with line, layer and color. There is something wonderful about bright colors on a crisp, fresh piece of paper.

Mini floral fun

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It was nice to be back creating today!  Mini floral whimsy with Copic multiliner.

Floral Whimsy


Beginning a new whimsical floral drawing!

World Watercolor Month Sunflower Part II


Before doing the final painting, I wanted to see if I could increase the vibrancy of the colors with more pigment, less water and a bigger brush.