‘Tis the Season

to start making tombstones!


  • Chipboard
  • Distress Paint
  • Distress Crayons

Creative Chemistry 102: Paint Monoprint

Today’s Creative Chemistry 102, had us apply a selection of colors of Distress Paint to a stencil. After misting the paint on the stencil with water to blend the paint, we put the stencil on the tag and pressed down to transfer the paint to the tag. We removed the stencil and then dried the paint with some heat. Last, I applied some Distress Ink and a little more water to pull everything together.

FullSizeRender (8)

I love how the inks blend, the paints blend and how they complement each other.

Can’t wait to get back in the studio!



Creative Chemistry 102: Stamping Resist

Today’s project from the Creative Chemistry 102 series in the Online Card Classes involved stamping with paint. Instead of using the Sticky Back Canvas we used in 101, we stamped the Distress Paint directly on the manila tag. Making sure it was dry, we then applied various colors of Distress Ink over the image. Distress Stain will work too. Finally, we sprayed a bit of water over everything, wiped it and the painted image appeared.


Love it!


Creative Chemistry 102: Colored Crackle

Similar to a project we did in the Creative Chemistry 101 series in Online Card Classes, we used the amazing Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint but instead of staining it we colored it. I cut some leaf shapes using Grungeboard (you can also use chipboard) and put a thick layer of the crackle paint on the leaves allowing them to dry overnight to achieve the best crackle. I then used Distress Paint over the leaves, heated them dry, and repeated with additional an additional layer of color. I heated that to dry and then added some Distress Stain to really bring out the crackle. I then dried them again and adhered them to a tag that I inked with Distress.


Unlike the previous project where we stained over the crackle only to create a glass-like surface, this had a matte finish.