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Creative Chemistry 103: Distress Crayon Layered Coloring

This episode of Creative Chemistry 103 had us experimenting with Distress Crayon on top of Collage Medium to achieve different effects. I took the spooky route – so much fun!


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Creative Chemistry 103: Distress Crayon Watercolor Resist

Creative Chemistry 103 explored another way to use Distress Crayons as a resist.  The interesting thing is that one of the ways you can apply the crayons is as watercolor paint but after the crayons are dry, they can function as a resist against Distress Ink so you can ink right over the image and add water as you would to many Distress Ink techniques without it reacting to the image.


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Creative Chemistry 103: Grit-Paste Grunge

Distress Grit-Paste has come to Creative Chemistry 103!  After you apply the grit-paste and let it dry, you can colorize it with Distress Ink, Crayon, Paint, or Stain. I used crayons for the dirt effect below.


I love how I was able to make this look like it fell in my flower bed and was there for a while before I realized it.