Two Color Butterfly


Sometimes it is just fun to see what you can do with a limited palette. For this butterfly, image by Marianne Walker, I used R81 and BV13. I highlighted the light spots with a white gel pen so that they would really stand out.

Lilac and Butterfly -Bootcamp


Using this image from Jennifer Dove, we worked on the tip to tip technique with Copic markers.  With this technique, you take one marker and touch it to the tip of another marker and then apply your color.  I practiced this predominantly on the butterfly using Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow markers.

Copic Bootcamp

Creative Chemistry 102: Stamping Resist

Today’s project from the Creative Chemistry 102 series in the Online Card Classes involved stamping with paint. Instead of using the Sticky Back Canvas we used in 101, we stamped the Distress Paint directly on the manila tag. Making sure it was dry, we then applied various colors of Distress Ink over the image. Distress Stain will work too. Finally, we sprayed a bit of water over everything, wiped it and the painted image appeared.


Love it!


Creative Chemistry 101: Archival Resist

I discovered a new favorite in Creative Chemistry series from Online Card Classes –Archival Ink and Distress Ink on glossy paper! Stamp several images on the glossy paper in bright colors of Archival Ink – heat to set. Completely cover the images with a dark color layer of Distress Ink and then wipe it off. Finally, stamp additional images using black Archival Ink and then heat to set.


I love the way the inks look completely set into the glossy paper.

See you in the studio!




Creative Chemistry 101: Alcohol Ink Agates

Some of my favorite types of ink are the alcohol based inks so I was very excited to explore them as part of the Creative Chemistry series from Online Card Classes. We put a variety of alcohol ink colors (one drop each), including a drop of Metallic Mixative onto the felt of the Ranger ink applicator tool and then used it to stamp on the glossy paper until it was completely covered. For the next layer we stamped in some Blending Solution followed by more color. The final step was to stamp the images with Archival Ink and then heat to set.


I love the effect you get when you apply the alcohol ink with this technique!

See you in the studio,



Creative Chemistry 101: Stamping with Markers

Another project in the third week of the Creative Chemistry series in Online Card Classes took us back to Distress Markers. We colored onto the stamps with a variety of colors of Distress Markers. We “huffed” a nice puff of warm air on the colored stamp, stamped the image onto the paper and then heat set it.  After it was dry, we inked over the entire tag using a variety of Distress Ink and a blending tool. To finish it off, we spritzed the tag with water, blotted off any excess and heat set it until it was dry.


I love the contrast of the splashes against the ink.