Apple Branch – Bootcamp

The Apple Branch image is from DoveArt Studios.  This was an additional exercise in water droplets and it completes all my unfinished images from last year’s Bootcamp. Ready for Advanced Bootcamp! Copic Bootcamp

Maynard – Bootcamp

This is Maynard (image by Jennifer Dove) – another project from  Copic Bootcamp that needed completing. This was primarily an exercise in creating the fur effect with texture and tones. Sweet Maynard.  

Hydrangea – Bootcamp

This lovely hydrangea image is by Jennifer Dove.  I “painted” the petals using a technique that involves applying some Copic ink onto a palette and using Copic colorless blender to paint it in like watercolor.  In this way you are able to get multiple shades from just one color – So fun to apply and … More Hydrangea – Bootcamp