Two Color Butterfly

Sometimes it is just fun to see what you can do with a limited palette. For this butterfly, image by Marianne Walker, I used R81 and BV13. I highlighted the light spots with a white gel pen so that they would really stand out.

It’s the little things

This is a page I colored (with Copic markers) from Lisa Funk’s Creative Lettering Journal  – a wonderful book filled with lettering drills, quotes and images. A fun way to augment your lettering practice.

Apple Branch – Bootcamp

The Apple Branch image is from DoveArt Studios.  This was an additional exercise in water droplets and it completes all my unfinished images from last year’s Bootcamp. Ready for Advanced Bootcamp! Copic Bootcamp

Lilac and Butterfly -Bootcamp

Using this image from Jennifer Dove, we worked on the tip to tip technique with Copic markers.  With this technique, you take one marker and touch it to the tip of another marker and then apply your color.  I practiced this predominantly on the butterfly using Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow markers. Copic Bootcamp