Start up


Preliminary sketch on a new concept.

THE Butter!


There is nothing simpler or more delicious than homemade nut butter.  Nuts are an amazing food packed with nutrients and wonderful flavors.  Grind them up with some sea salt and you have food heaven.  I love using different combinations of nuts and spices to see how I can get the most from the natural flavors.  Nut butters are nature’s perfect gift for everything from celebrating to comforting.

Strength in Nut Butter


How do I respond to friends in crisis?  I make them nut butter! There is just something about a homemade nut butter that brings comfort in stressful times.  Perhaps it takes us back to those carefree peanut butter and jelly days of our childhood.



Searching for inspiration for an upcoming lettering/logo project!

Letter where you can


Sometimes I am in an office and when I am, I letter when and where I can!

Don’t be afraid

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Practicing flourishing and layout with my friends at Hand Lettered Design. The practice of lettering teaches you that your best friend is a good eraser!  Also, using awesome quotes inspires and spurs on the practice.