WOTY – Word of the Year

This year, instead of making resolutions or specific goals for the new year, I decided to choose a Word of the Year to guide me in 2019.  That word was GRATITUDE.  I hung the word up in my studio so that I could see it all the time and keep in mind all the things in my life that I was grateful for, even in the face of hardship. It was really powerful in that it helped me to think about GRATITUDE in a variety of areas where I normally would not have thought to have gratitude.  Being grateful changes your mindset instantly in the face of fear, doubt or anxiety.

FOR 2020 I have chosen the word COURAGE.  This is perfect as I am forging into new art and art practices on the mixed media pathway but I am sure the need for COURAGE will arise in other areas as well.


What will your WOTY be for 2020?

What’s on the Project Table?

Last week was all about organizing the paint and this week it is the Distress Spray Stains. I need to sticker the tops of each bottle so that I can see the colors from the top when I am searching for the perfect background colors!


I also am working on the free class with Tam Laporte, “Art, Heart and Healing”.  I mentioned in my Instagram that this is a great way to find out if you like an instructor and/or their style before investing too much time and money in instruction. With all of her experience I am sure I can learn a lot about mixed media technique – this week I was excited to learn about acrylic transfers and texture with brayers (see earlier posts on Instagram, etc.)!


Even though I have not finished Tam’s free class, I am also jumping in to a brand new offering from her, “Whimsy Wonderland”!  All geared toward creating and feeling good this holiday season and I was able to sign up for 20% off.


Also in the works this week is Alisa Burke’s “Watercolor Blooms” micro class.  I am hoping to learn some things about watercolor I did not already know and you can’t go wrong because the prices are so reasonable on these classes.  I have already done some warm up work for this class (see November 21 post on Instagram, etc. where one of my pups was helping with that!)


You can check out my progress on all the things this week in your favorite social media.

Have a happy week!

What’s on the Project Table?

This week I am working on collecting, organizing and labeling my Distress paint and oxide spray collections and trying to decide how far the Tim Holtz rabbit hole I want to go down. Tim Holtz is the creator of the Distress collection for Ranger.  His paints are fluid acrylics that span from neutrals to bright colors. Creamy and nicely pigmented.  The oxide sprays are a combination dye and pigment that oxidize when you add water meaning you can achieve some pretty cool effect and depth of color. I decided to get the full set of paint colors (60) so that I could experiment with them in my mixed media/collage work.  (Also, I am trying to decide if I want to get all the oxide sprays as well.)



I am also working through Alisa Burke’s “Inky Blooms” micro class so that I can get more familiar with the properties of ink and ink painting to put in my mixed media pieces.


What are you working on this week?

Happy Monday!

Pen Pal Painting Exchange

The Pen Pal Painting Exchange, sponsored by the Brooklyn Art Library, is a way to make art and connect with people around the globe. $25 gets you a 4×4 canvas and a “Hello” card to fill out and pays for the cost of running the program.


  1. Order the kit.

  2. Paint/draw/collage/photograph the canvas.

  3. Fill out the ‘Hello’ card and return it with the canvas.

  4. Receive another participants canvas and info about them.

Pretty cool, right?!  For my piece, I decided to try some to try some of the techniques I learned in an art journal class with @bybun to see how they would work on a canvas.


I was really happy with the way this turned out on canvas and I can’t wait to get the canvas from the pen pal they choose for me!







Inktober 2019 – Done!

This year’s Inktober was a lot of fun and allowed me to get in some quality doodling practice! My favorite pen for this turned out to be the the Sakura Gelly Roll White pen and I went through a 3-pack! Check out my Instagram @lisampaynestudio for the individual post which give you the prompts for each day.

The Attitude is Gratitude

Have you heard about the idea of choosing a word of the year? I like it so much better that making a New Year’s Resolution that I will inevitably not resolve.  A word of the year is something with so many facets depending on your circumstances that day, something you can post anywhere to remind yourself to be mindful of it. A word of the year can grow and change with you.

My word of the year for 2019 is GRATITUDE.

I spend a lot of time in the state of worry and the thing is, my friends, I have a lot more to be grateful for than to worry about. We won’t even talk about how much time is wasted in worry! Why is it that negative things can take up so much more time and space than the positive things, like our gratitudes?  To help me be mindful of all that there is to be grateful for this year,  come with me while I share with you in art and writing the things that I am grateful for. Check out my post in Instagram to see how I am kicking off 2019! What are you grateful for in the new year?

Will you choose a word of the year?  I would love to know and cheer you on your journey!






One morning this week I was rushing to get out the door to walk the dog. Timing is everything on the morning walk because if we get out just a few minutes later than normal, we risk not being able to see several of his dog friends.

We had had heavy rain the day before – flash flood warning type of rain. So this morning I was busy trying to figure out which coat to wear, would it rain more this morning or not? I hurriedly threw on the rain coat, grabbed the dog treats, said good-byes and was pulled out the door. The sky had become clear for the moment and as I looked ahead I saw a giant rainbow across the sky.  I stopped the dog dead in his tracks so that I could get out my phone and capture it. When I got the phone out and took a second look I saw that we had a double rainbow!  I shouted over to my husband who was getting into his car to make sure he saw the rainbows.  He did. I asked every person we met that morning if they saw the rainbows too. I wanted to make sure that everyone took a moment to stop and see the phenomenon that nature had made for us that morning.

We often rush through the morning to get where we need to be, sometimes a place we don’t want to be but have to be there anyway. Sometimes the most important parts of the day are the moments in between the places we are going.

In some cultures, the rainbow is a sign of transformation and in others a symbol of promise and new life. All I know is that when I see a rainbow, it always makes me feel good inside in that moment.


Rainbow – the Day After

Why I Do What I Do


A Selection of Pieces from World Watercolor Month 2018

I don’t always know immediately why I am drawn to something. Nature is beautiful. Life is beautiful. I like to try to capture this to remind us of the inherent beauty in life and in ourselves as human beings, no matter how small that beauty may be.

When I start a new piece and take it down to miniature size, I have to think what is the essence of this beautiful object I want to convey; what do I want you to see so that you can know that beauty too.

As a viewer, you go through a similar process, focusing on the object that is being portrayed and discovering what is beautiful for yourself.

I hope you enjoy the discovery as much as I do!

World Watercolor Month has begun!

IMG-2131 (1)

Happy July and Happy World Watercolor Month!

World Watercolor Month was started in 2015 by Charlie O’Shields – a man who picked up a watercolor brush one day and never looked back.  He created the website, Doodlewash, to spread the word about watercolor – it is fun, relaxing and anybody can do it.  World Watercolor Month is a 31 day challenge to paint a watercolor everyday.

Do you want to join in the fun?

How To Join The Celebration

1. Post artwork on social media featuring watercolors (or gouache) in July
2. Add the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth each time you post
3. Repeat all month long!

If you have no idea what to paint, the Doodlewash website makes that part easy by giving you a daily prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

Above is my first entry – I created this sign using Dr. Ph. Martin’s liquid watercolor. I first masked off the lettering with the Molotow Liquid Masking Pen.

After it dried, I applied a watercolor wash in various colors over the top of the masked letters.  When the watercolor has completely dried, I removed the masking fluid with a rubber cement eraser.

I can’t wait to see what you create!  I can’t wait to see what I create either!

3 New Series!

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Dear Friends,

I am so thrilled to bring you 3 new watercolor series this week – Skies and Clouds, Sunshiny Flowers and Extravagant Hues!  Each piece is no more that 2″x3″. I have been moving in the direction of miniature work for sometime but did not really realize it until recently. When I view any kind of miniature art, it immediately puts me in a state of wonder – wondering how the artist made it, why did they make it, what materials did they use and on and on and on. If I can touch the tiny pieces, so much the better so I can look at it from all angles and think of all the possibilities that each piece possesses.

When I paint and create, I go to that same place – one of wonder, possibilities and potential. It is a powerful and peaceful place and I like being there. One of the true joys of being an artist and creator is when I hear from you that my work has been able to  take you to that place as well.

I am happy to take you with me and I always look forward to hearing from you.