WOTY – Word of the Year

This year, instead of making resolutions or specific goals for the new year, I decided to choose a Word of the Year to guide me in 2019.  That word was GRATITUDE.  I hung the word up in my studio so that I could see it all the time and keep in mind all the things in my life that I was grateful for, even in the face of hardship. It was really powerful in that it helped me to think about GRATITUDE in a variety of areas where I normally would not have thought to have gratitude.  Being grateful changes your mindset instantly in the face of fear, doubt or anxiety.

FOR 2020 I have chosen the word COURAGE.  This is perfect as I am forging into new art and art practices on the mixed media pathway but I am sure the need for COURAGE will arise in other areas as well.


What will your WOTY be for 2020?