What’s on the Project Table?

Last week was all about organizing the paint and this week it is the Distress Spray Stains. I need to sticker the tops of each bottle so that I can see the colors from the top when I am searching for the perfect background colors!


I also am working on the free class with Tam Laporte, “Art, Heart and Healing”.  I mentioned in my Instagram that this is a great way to find out if you like an instructor and/or their style before investing too much time and money in instruction. With all of her experience I am sure I can learn a lot about mixed media technique – this week I was excited to learn about acrylic transfers and texture with brayers (see earlier posts on Instagram, etc.)!


Even though I have not finished Tam’s free class, I am also jumping in to a brand new offering from her, “Whimsy Wonderland”!  All geared toward creating and feeling good this holiday season and I was able to sign up for 20% off.


Also in the works this week is Alisa Burke’s “Watercolor Blooms” micro class.  I am hoping to learn some things about watercolor I did not already know and you can’t go wrong because the prices are so reasonable on these classes.  I have already done some warm up work for this class (see November 21 post on Instagram, etc. where one of my pups was helping with that!)


You can check out my progress on all the things this week in your favorite social media.

Have a happy week!