Pen Pal Painting Exchange

The Pen Pal Painting Exchange, sponsored by the Brooklyn Art Library, is a way to make art and connect with people around the globe. $25 gets you a 4×4 canvas and a “Hello” card to fill out and pays for the cost of running the program.


  1. Order the kit.

  2. Paint/draw/collage/photograph the canvas.

  3. Fill out the ‘Hello’ card and return it with the canvas.

  4. Receive another participants canvas and info about them.

Pretty cool, right?!  For my piece, I decided to try some to try some of the techniques I learned in an art journal class with @bybun to see how they would work on a canvas.


I was really happy with the way this turned out on canvas and I can’t wait to get the canvas from the pen pal they choose for me!







3 thoughts on “Pen Pal Painting Exchange

  1. This sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing your masterpiece, Lisa! I’d love to get kits for my YA kids for Christmas. Do you know if the project will be continuing beyond the current cycle?


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