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Taking on Typeface


While I am waiting for my 100 year old type case cabinet to arrive (yay!), I am arranging one of my typefaces so that I can do some print runs.  The California Job Case is a way of organizing type that was made popular by the foundries on the West Coast.  The reason it became popular was that previously upper and lower case letters were stored in separate upper and lower drawers or cases, respectively.  Putting the upper and lower cases together in the same tray, increased efficiency and saved time. Also, the more frequently used letters were put in easier reach of the typesetter.

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Our first typeface has arrived!

M & H Type

Mackenzie & Harris, located in San Francisco, is the oldest and largest letterpress type foundry in the U.S., dating from the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition. In addition to buying new type from one of the few letterpress type foundries, Ebay and various listserves sell all kinds of vintage types. We are beginning our letterpress journey with 12 point and 18 point Baskerville.


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Meet our new addition, the Chandler & Price Pilot 6 1/2 x 10 letterpress printer! This is a New Series Pilot that was produced between 1913 and the 1940’s. We are currently gathering the supplies needed to get started. Because this is a vintage machine, a lot of the tools that go along with letterpress printing of this era are also vintage so we have been spending time on various listserves as well as Ebay and Etsy to get everything we need.  A letterpress scavenger hunt!

More to come….

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World Watercolor Month – Portrait of Ranunculus

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Hard to believe we are at the end of World Watercolor Month. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! There are more flowers to explore though so continues to stay tuned.